Quality Services

Sheng Long Biotech India Pvt. Ltd., is a subsidiary company of Guang Dong Haid Group., which is specialized in aquatic feed & premix manufacturing, fish and shrimp breeding and animal health products. The integrated aquaculture Group provides outstanding technical services to the end-users. Presently the Haid Group owned around 120 subsidiaries and 1 research and development center. The total sales volume of aquatic feed in 2014 was 5.54 million metric tons with 3.4 billion US dollars revenue.

Quality Policy:  
 SLBI shall be committed to produce best Quality Shrimp Feeds ensuring high standards of production processes to achieve Customer  Satisfaction.

Quality Control:-

  • Ensure the good quality of raw material Sheng Long use and monitoring storage condition. Which is affected by environmental and biological factors to maintain raw material in stable condition.
  • During processing, evaluate the risk in the critical point and prevent any incorrect operation in manufacture to produce the feed with accuracy and quality.
  • The Laboratory fully equipped with automated analyzers, standardized test methods and reliable testing with efficient analysis. We can get the nutritional index on time and improve quality continuously.
  • Quality Control ensure the feed quality until delivering to our valuable customers.
  • We are also part of ISO 9001, FSMS 22000, HACCP and BAP certification. We not only provide the good quality to our customers, but also focusing safety, satisfaction and animal health.