R & D

In recent years, Sheng Long has cooperated with domestic and foreign research institutes and universities to research on the Projects such as “Functional feed in solving problems of EMS and WFD”, “The alternate culture model for Tilapia and Vannamei”, “Diseases control and prevention for Snakehead”, hoping to find solutions for the cultivation problems that concerned. On the other hand, We made Trial of “Sheng Long Smart System” in our experimental farms, purposing to assist farmers to overcome various disease problems during culture period through the power of science and technology, we’ll introduce this system into Indian market.

Guang Dong Haid Group, the parent company of Sheng Long Bio-Tech (India), provides various leading technical supports from their research and development departments. Thegroupnowownsaprofessional R&Dteamofabout 1,000 members, includingnearly 500 master degree holders and 63 doctorates in Nutrition, Microbiology, Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Aquaculture, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Biology, and Clinical Veterinary Medicine. With the world’s leading equipments, large experimental culture farms and supporting scientific research bases to research on feed technologies, cultivation technologies, animal breeding & diseases control and prevention as well as to develop related products, the group has currently become one of the strongest corporate research institutions with best results in feed industry