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The extraordinary advantages of Hisenor production system include:

Compressive water treatment system ensures water parameter stability.

To standardize the larval quality and makes management more simple with larger water volume culture system.

Utilization of lighting control system in maturation in order to improve daily works and control more precisely the work activities in the nauplii harvest process.

The re-circulated water treatment system allows us to control parameters better and stabilize the nauplii production.

High-density algae system with fewer transfers between volumes permits greater quality control.

Strict temperature controls, feeding and husbandry in larvae culture enable us to produce best quality of PL 8 in 16 days.

Strict quality control on every production aspects and PCR test to ensure clean Pls.

With above-mentioned system we can assure that every post larva to be produced from Hisenor features uniform size, faster growth, highly disease resistance and is the best choice for your success.