Sheng Long Biotech India Pvt. Ltd., is a subsidiary company of Guang Dong Haid Group., which is specialized in aquatic feed & premix manufacturing, fish and shrimp breeding and animal health products. The integrated aquaculture Group provides outstanding technical services to the end-users. Presently the Haid Group owned around 120 subsidiaries and 1 research and development center. The total sales volume of aquatic feed in 2014 was 5.54 million metric tons with 3.4 billion US dollars revenue.

Hisenor Aquatic Breeding Co. Ltd., collaborate with foreign professionals and experts. We have refined the production system over many years and specifically designed our new facility to take full advantage of nonstop improvements on practical and operational breeding technology from the outstanding performance in different countries including USA, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.

Our Philosophy

”The greatness of an ocean comes from its ability to hold hundreds of rivers”

Our principal

"quality first, customer foremost”

Our Motto

“To Provide the excellent quality of products, best quality of services to meet customers satisfaction”

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